In a word, I feel the US national anthem doesn’t fit. I know things have

changed since I was a student there in the 70’s, but .

Speaking in terms of sporting events skews the discussion. The answer

should be the same for any campus event, not just sports. Ask: What

expressions of nationalism/patriotism are appropriate on campus?

To me it seems like this change in Goshen policy comes at a time when

the continuation of the peace witness is needed more than ever. I really

don’t agree with anyone who says this will open the door for dialogue

with those who are visiting the campus. Please explain how this might

happen. In our country, war is no longer intermittent. It is a constant

national state. Ads using military images, the military promoting itself

in the public media and military electronic games are commonplace in our

country. Piece by piece the soul of America is getting eaten by the

military industrial complex.

Why is doesn’t it fit? To me Goshen College is an international

institution, representing people/ideas/Christians from all over the

world. The “Culture for Service” motto originates in the idea that if we

are educated we will be better able to serve. And if we are serving

Christ, that service is to be for anyone in the world, not just the

United States.

Politically, the only way this change could be considered at this time

is that the strong personalities on the staff and faculty who would

create an uncomfortable atmosphere are no longer around. Someone not

fearful for their job/tenure needs to stand up and say that this move

doesn’t fit with the way Goshen College witnesses to the world.

As a former student and Christian, I truly hope the decision to play is

reviewed and rescinded in time for the next academic year starting in

the fall of 2010.

David R Hiebert

Scottdale , PA