I will start by saying Goshen College isn’t a bad school, overall. I have learned a lot here and have gained many opportunities for which I will forever be thankful. GC has given me the space to be a leader, have a voice and be a better sign language interpreter.

But, a few things about this school have bothered me.

GC promotes diversity and inclusion, recruits students of color and claims to be woke, yet isn’t doing what it takes to achieve these goals.

Students of color are being recruited to attend GC but aren’t equipped with the resources to be successful. That doesn’t sit well with me and other people of color I have spoken to while serving as the Black Student Union (BSU) president.

One instance that comes to mind is that the institution isn’t offering current and future students of color enough financial help to attend. For example, housing is required, but there aren’t enough options, let alone sufficient financial assistance for room and board. 

Many students of color are first-generation, and it can be challenging to navigate college. What if parents don’t have the means to support their college journey? What if they don’t know how to help them apply for financial aid? Sometimes they rely on GC, a school that is simultaneously promoting on their social media how much they support first-generation students.

Despite a diverse student population, few professors look like me. So, why is GC recruiting students of color without fixing the issues that cause us harm?

GC has done a good job of having dialogue on campus by listening to those of color due to groups like BSU. It stops there, however, because there is no sustained action.

As a school, you shouldn’t rely on students or intercultural clubs to answer your problems when it comes to diversity and fixing institutional issues. Ask them for their opinions, sure, but do the research as well, because it has always been there. 

For the amount of money we pay to this school, I, and other students, shouldn’t be going through half of this. These aren’t just my concerns either. What about the students of color who don’t come forward because they feel alienated?

Again, I acknowledge GC for having dialogue and the desire to change, but it’s time for action. 

Things must change soon because if they don’t, I don’t see GC ever becoming the diverse and inclusive campus they claim to be.