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Microwave Rant

Maggie Weaver

I think that before coming to college, every new student needs to get a crash-course on how to use a microwave.  I mean, I love having my floor smell like charred popcorn 24/7, but I feel like that’s not everyone’s perspective on the stench. As college students, I think we should understand how to read directions and follow them, thus avoiding any chance of setting the fire alarm off or simply polluting the floor with a disgusting smell. And for God’s sake, PUT WATER IN YOUR MAC AND CHEESE BEFORE YOU MICROWAVE IT. The Yoder 3 microwave will never be the same.

Why isn’t Java Chipotle?

Emily Evans and Katie Hurst

Coffee is great and everything, but the real question is, why isn’t there a Chipotle where Java is?  I mean, we love a latte as much as the next girl, but Chipotle is what makes the world go ‘round! Chicken or steak? Black or pinto? Mild or medium? These are the questions we are dying to be presented with on our own humble turf. When the mid-afternoon cravings come, sometimes stolen Rott fruit just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes our taste buds just get those cravings for real ‘Merican TexMex, and who wants to drive all the way to Mishawaka for a meal?

#environmentalawareness are we right?

“On Your Left!”

Emily Evans and Katie Hurst

Springtime is finally sort of here, which means everyone and their mother-in-law is getting a bike out of storage to tool around on campus. This more efficient means of transportation for getting across our incredibly expansive campus leaves some simple pedestrians stranded in the middle of the sidewalk, while rushing bikers weave their way through hordes of people as if this was the Tour de France itself. Some of these up-and-coming Olympians do in fact let out a yelp of direction as they rapidly approach, however how many people can actually tell right from left in a highly stressful, time sensitive situation, are we right?