Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. The clock seemed to get louder and louder.  Break was close and everyone was eagerly waiting. I had been waiting, too….in-between trying to concentrate on completing my statistics exams, I was checking the list of items I needed on my flight, excited to see my family for the first time in a year and a half.

Then, like a miracle, the long-anticipated break finally started. The flight back home seemed to be the shortest one ever. The flight is 15  hours long on average, and with the time difference, another full day. But traveling went really smoothly.  Days went by, and soon the time that most college students dread was near—the return to School.

The flight back seemed to be the longest ever. Not only were security measures tough, “because of some dude that tried to blow himself up in a plane to Detroit,”  (said the person sitting next to me, a college student at Michigan State University) but traveling away from my primary home and going back to another was a strange journey. While I was anxious to see all my friends and return ‘home’, I was also sad to leave my family and home behind. Confusing, I know. I felt that way too. While reminiscing about all the wonderful things I did this Christmas break, traveling through India, visiting friends and family and celebrating Christmas with my parents, I began to understand my home was in two places, both Goshen and India.