Last December, I had a very vivid dream. I dreamt about a tall man with blonde-ish brown hair who spoke with a British accent.

When I awoke, I felt odd. It was one of those dreams from which you awake feeling a sense of loss because everything in the dream seems so real. It left me empty and needing to get some answers on what the dream meant.

I went online and searched phrases like “guy in my dream,” ” interpretation” and “what does it mean.” With a few clicks I was led to the Web site This site prominently featured a horrible drawing of a girl with thick black glasses and dark hair.

I gasped when I saw the picture. While it was scarce in any kind of detail, I still thought the drawing somewhat resembled me. I read on.

The young British man who started this Web site had had a dream about the girl in the drawing and claimed that she was his “perfect girl.” I decided to send the man an e-mail. I included a picture of myself and a brief description of hobbies, but I didn’t really expect to receive a reply.

I sent the e-mail without knowing what this guy looked like. I decided to browse his Web site some more and watched some of his videos. When I found a picture of him, I was almost certain that he was the guy who had just been in my dream that morning.

With the help of Facebook, Adam Pacitti and I have become friends – we chat on the phone quite frequently. Out of the thousands of girls who have e-mailed Adam, he is planning to meet me in person during spring break in Chicago.

I’m not sure if an actual relationship will stem from this, but I am now a strong believer in dreams and what they might become. I’m not a superstitious person, but I have reached the conclusion that this might be a message to me, spiritual or otherwise.

After sending Adam that e-mail the morning I had the dream of him, I never thought we would be friends, much less that we would be meeting in a couple of weeks. He has been on television shows and in magazines, making him popular in Britain.

My contact with Adam has proved to me that you don’t have to be extraordinary to get noticed. My simple e-mail has strengthened my faith in miracles. I am enjoying this new friendship.

Leah Moreno is a sophomore English major from Houston, Texas. To see Leah’s photo in the The Sun, a London newspaper, visit