“You can’t spend all your time worrying about where your next Twinkie is going to come from, so follow rule #32 and enjoy the little things.”

As I watched the movie “Zombieland,” where this quote came from, I thought to myself do I “enjoy the little things”? I realized quickly that I did up until recently when I started worrying about where my next Twinkie was coming from.

As this semester finishes up I have constantly worried about where I’m going next. I would like to take this time to notice the little things I have grown to love about Goshen College.

First, and probably not the nicest, is that I love when snow begins to fall and ice is on the ground. Why do I love this? Because it means I don’t almost get run over by bicyclists and I can watch people slip around on the ice outside. It’s a fun pastime, unless someone gets hurt.

Second, I love hearing someone singing in the shower to one of my favorite songs. Goshen people are not afraid to sing whenever they feel the need. I think this is one of the best parts of the Goshen campus, if someone feels like singing, they sing, and if someone else knows the song they sing too. Hearing that favorite song sung by someone who enjoys it makes me feel a connection with that person, as if we could be best friends because of this shared like.

The third thing I enjoy at Goshen is lying down on the black stage in Umble with only “Fred,” the lamp, to light the room. It’s just lovely to sit in the dark empty space for a minute or 10 and think about how many talented people and amazing things have gone on there.

Last and probably the most important is, enjoying those freely given hugs. I don’t think that many people realize how precious a hug can be or how seldom they are given in mainstream society. I learned to love and appreciate hugs last year when my grandmother passed away, one thing I miss the most is her hugs. Make sure to appreciate that hug anytime you get it, and ask for them when you need it, don’t be shy (I have heard a rumor that Lucas Nafizger gives the best, ask him for one). So everyone reading this–freshman and seniors alike–remember: even if today sucks, if you enjoy the small things the big things won’t seem so awful. Enjoy that Twinkie, walk, nap, hug and crunchy leaf because soon you might not be in Goshen to enjoy it.

Amanda “Disi” Diaz is a senior English and theater double major.