Yes, that’s right, I voted for Trump. After the controversy and debate that has taken place on campus this past week, I would like to take this opportunity to explain why. I was raised in a small town where courtesy, honesty, and hard work are morals engraved into generations of families. These morals and values are very near to my heart. Some other things I value are life, safety, free enterprise, justice, and freedom.

I am pro-life because its not a “women’s rights” issue, it’s a “human’s rights” issue. I am not “anti-women.” I bear a gun to protect myself, and it is my constitutional right to do so. I am not a “redneck.” I root for free enterprise because it promotes hard work and personal responsibility. I am not “selfish.” I value justice because in a world full of crime and hate, it brings stability and truth. I am not “heartless.” I praise freedom because even though it may have been handed to you and I, it had a cost. I am not “pro-war.”

I wanted a leader that was going to hold up these values by keeping the government small and our liberty big. I wanted a leader that would empower the people and fight corruption, someone that could strengthen the economy of our nation, helping every man and woman of every social class. I was not going to sit down, comply and vote away my rights. So again I say, I voted for Donald Trump. I voted for Donald Trump because a vote for Trump is a vote for the constitution.

Now with this being said, it is not my time to gloat. Know that I am not dismissing any fears coming from the results of this election. I understand the fear that comes with big change, and it is more than okay to feel that way. But at the end of the day, our country is a family and we can’t keep pointing fingers at our brothers and sisters.

What makes a family strong is reconciliation after arguments. Don’t argue out of hate, and don’t boast out of pride. Speak out of understanding and love. Stop “losing faith in humanity” and start trusting in our God. Start protecting the nation’s motto “In God we trust” and realize it’s okay to say “God bless America.” This nation needs Him now more than ever. We need unity now more than ever. I will be praying for love and respect across this campus and across this nation.