I Guess

I wish I didn’t feel anxiousness when I call my muse

I wish I didn’t feel hopelessness when I watch the news

I don’t know why I can’t find the joy in my conviction

I wish I didn’t say yes to everyone ‘cause I’m sad

I wish they didn’t say no to everything ‘cause they’re mad

I don’t know why we can’t find the strength in our suffering.

I wish they didn’t say “hate your brother and hide your gold”

I wish they didn’t say “hurt the meek ones and mock the bold”

I don’t know why they can’t find the love in their differences.


I guess

I guess if I just stopped stretching, maybe I wouldn’t have squad

I guess if I didn’t question, maybe I wouldn’t know Claude

I guess if I knew the future, maybe I wouldn’t need faith

I guess if I never stumbled, maybe I wouldn’t need grace

So maybe I don’t know


I guess that’s okay.