Every fall I watch as a lot of really nice bikes arrive on campus, and then as the weeks progress notice that some gradually disappear, hearing that they’ve been the victim of theft.  I just returned from the RFC and saw a Reward sign posted for two bikes.

In the fall of 1999 I moved to Chicago to do an M.A. in Theological Studies.  I’m an avid cyclist.  So the day after I moved up there I went for a ride in Hyde Park to explore and find the nearest bike shop.  I found the shop, cable locked my bike outside and went in.  My introduction to the irasicible owner went like this:  “DO YOU NOT LIKE YOUR BIKE OR WHAT?!!  Get it in here!”  Needless to say I brought it in, and found he totally knew his stuff.  He sold me a great U-lock and advised me to use both locks.  U-lock the bike to a post, cable thru both tires.  It wasn’t full-proof for the area, but was sure a good deterrent to quick thefts.  I still have the bike.

Some of the cable locks I see on bikes around campus are so thin I call them spaghetti straps.  They are more suitable for underwear (ick) than bike security.  Please, invest in a thick long cable, or a good U-lock, or both.

Thank You.

Beth A. Sholly, B.A., M.A.

Class of 80, former employee, neighbor