I grew up speaking Spanish and interacting with diverse people, but it wasn’t until I was part of the Miller Poultry team this winter that I realized how valuable my Spanish speaking and socializing skills were. 

Growing up in Goshen, I was always around a diverse community. Spanish is my second language and I took Spanish all four years of high school, thus I am mostly fluent. 

When I got the internship at Miller Poultry, it was exciting being able to use my Spanish speaking skills with the employees and have the ease to communicate, make them comfortable, and provide clarification or explanations based on their questions. I helped to administer a survey of the company’s employees and got to use my knowledge of Spanish to translate and explain the questions.  

This experience allowed me to realize how valuable it is to be bilingual and have the people skills necessary to communicate. It was empowering to facilitate the survey to different cultures and ethnicities. 

Miller Poultry has a diverse production workforce that is rich and fascinating to learn about. It is important to acknowledge these individuals since they contribute to the company’s success. 

I am excited to continue learning about different sectors of business and feel more confident about taking on business endeavors that can involve cultural differences in the future. 

After college, I want to work in a diverse workplace where I have the ability to interact with different cultures and help individuals who might have language barriers, specifically Spanish speakers, because that is what I’m most comfortable in.  Miller Poultry gave me a taste of what that might look like.