Some of the changes made to The Record this semester include the inclusion of Spanish pieces incorporated to the printed newspaper. For this week’s issue of The Record, we have added several pieces in Spanish. Two of these contributions are free verse poems written by Roberto López, a senior, Spanish major. The other two pieces are letters written by students Abbie Kaser and Wade Troyer, both sophomores, originally for a Spanish composition class.

Kaiser and Troyer, both participated in Spanish Composition 303, with professor Maria Sanchez Schirch last semester where they were assigned to write an opinionated letter to an editor of movie that they were assigned to watch in class. The film was titled Mar a Dentro, after watching the film students had to choose a side on the highly debated issue; euthanasia. Both Kaiser and Troyer are in agreement with euthanasia, but it is interesting to view their different approaches to writing their piece.

Professor Sanchez Schirch wanted students to pretend they were sending the editor of the film a letter expressing their views on the topic.

An English translation of each piece is available on the Record website. For viewable translations by each writer, visit