It is getting close to the time when they will delete my username, and start forwarding my letters back to my mom and dad. One of the things I never got around to doing, was to write something for the Record (except for that “lactated-ringers” nursing joke [no one got it {it wasn’t your fault}]). So, I figured I’d give this perspective thing a go.

It has been couple of weeks since I read Anna Pasquarello’s communicator announcement about the “Red Envelope Event.” I am fairly pro-choice and definitely didn’t slap a stamp on any “bloody” envelopes that Monday. But it was great to see that someone with a strong opinion was throwing it out there.

It’s easy to fear controversy. The “Vagina Monologues” were most definitely controversial. However, as students, are we too immature to put the shock-value aside, and contemplate why we disagree? Our college community should be able to trust students to choose what is “too much” for them, and what is not.

I feel it is the job of our students and the administration to mold and maintain Goshen College as a common ground for all opinions. As an institution, we want to attract students from every faith, gender, sexuality and viewpoint on the political spectrum – and invite them to share those perspectives. With diversity comes challenge, and with a respectful attitude of tolerance/acceptance, self reflection and growth will follow.

So thank you, Anna Pasquarello, for putting your side of the situation on display. I did not attend, but you had your say. And I have had mine.

And now we know that both opinions are valid. We’ve gotten the chance to hear the other side, consider it and come to a personal decision – not because it was the only opinion our students were allowed to consider, but because we chose to look.

Jonathon Casselberry-Scott is a senior psychology and nursing double major from Marcellus, Mich.