It was 5 p.m. on a pretty typical afternoon in the studios of 91.1 The Globe. I didn’t get too many phone requests for the day, and the shift had gone pretty decently. I queued up my music bed which was an instrumental version of “New York Groove” by Ace Frehley, and I proceeded with my last break of the day. 

I commented on the weather, reminded the listener of our alternative listening platforms and signed off for the day. 

“Till next time Michiana,” I would always say when finishing a shift since I’ve been working at the station, though I used to say “Goshen” but that’s fine. 

There was a different air when I left the station that day, aside from the fact that I was working at a station in the midst of a months-long pandemic.  I was reminded of this when I wiped down the surfaces on which I did that day’s work. 

I sighed as I looked upon the bare walls of the station that once held awards from all over the state and nation, as well as the pictures of the student station managers of the past. After all my tasks were done, I perused the station one last time and headed home.

Looking back, if I were to pick a song as the last DJ for the old studio of 91.1 The Globe, I definitely would’ve picked ‘The Last DJ’ by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. 

It ended up being ‘Artificial Light’ by Typhoon, but anyone in the know would’ve understood. 

I am primarily a film major, but when I was first looking at Goshen College before I was a freshman, I knew then that I definitely wanted to be a part of the radio station. 

Ever since I’ve joined, I used my skills that I learned in video production and applied them to all the numerous promos, liners and evergreens I’ve made. 

As for the old studio, the space always felt very intimate. Aside from the fact that it was small, it also was a testament to the more than 60-year legacy of the station. 

When I returned from Study Service Term in the midst of a global pandemic.  After being in quarantine for a month and a half, it was nice to come back to something that felt familiar.

After moving into the new studio, it felt surreal that I was sitting in the cumulative efforts of countless donors as well as the legacy of all the radio DJs that came before me.

It was bittersweet to not see that old, faithful studio as I exclaimed on the air “Good Afternoon Michiana!” for the summertime afternoon drive. 

It’s only been a few weeks since I’ve been at this new facility, yet already the other staff and I at 91.1 The Globe are excited to absolutely rule these next few years. 

Hopefully, we’ll be able to attract more and more new, awesome people to the station, and our doors will always be open.

I rest easy knowing that when I graduate in two years, the station will still go on serving the community with culturally progressive music.