When I asked Reuben, our 7-year-old, “What is most exciting for him in going to Tanzania?” he responded, “Learning a new language!” I was struck by his eagerness to tackle something that many of us are often self-conscious about.

I then asked Hezekiah, 4 years old, the same question he immediately yelled out, “Riding airplanes! Also Corby [his friend] is going to give me a speedboat!” I appreciated the honest assessment of his priorities — not sure how the speedboat connects. 

Lastly I asked Evelyn, 11 months, her thoughts on Tanzania. She said, “Oh father, where do I begin? I’m particularly excited about the cultural diversity and authentic cross-cultural exchanges. With Tanzania being home to 120 different ethnic groups, I’m ready to immerse myself in the rich cultural tapestry all brought together with the common language of Kiswahili. And how wonderful it will be to experience big game, including lions, elephants and giraffes when we go on safari! 

“Speaking of natural beauty, I’ve always wanted to see Mount Kilimanjaro. How amazing will it be to explore Zanzibar’s white-sand beaches and spice markets!?! And doing all of this knowing that one of our focuses will be ecological sustainability. Truly, this will be a life changing experience for me.”

Impressed, I responded, “Wow, thank you Evelyn for your thoughts on that. You’re going to need to learn how to walk first.”

Academic advising for your course of study has passed, but there is still time to consider SST in 2025. You know that little twinge of regret for not signing up for Tanzania 2025? Well, you still have an opportunity to follow that dream! Really, all three of my kids’ perspectives are spot-on and offer solid reasons why you should take a second look at Tanzania SST 2025. Sure, learning a new language is a big ask, but I’m currently learning Kiswahili and I find it makes sense with my brain. It’s been fun to learn and I think you’ll like it too. 

While less concerned about his carbon footprint, Hezekiah is just as ready for the adventure and you should join him; he’ll be glad to have you along. And lastly you should really take the wise and surprisingly knowledgeable words from Evelyn to heart. Tanzania is full of amazing beauty that truly will rock your world in a profound way.          

I have traveled and have lived abroad a number of times including in southern Africa. Africa has a special place in my heart and I’m eager to have you see why it’s so amazing. But to be perfectly honest, while I’ve traveled throughout the continent quite a bit, I’ve never been to Tanzania. 

When preparing for new cultural experiences, I often feel a mix of excitement and apprehension. To ease this, I do a quick exercise: I focus on my feet touching the ground and recognize that I’m standing on the same earth. Then, I take a deep breath and remind myself that oxygen still works the same way. Lastly, I observe the people around me and I know, no matter the culture, people love to smile. Exercises like this make me realize that I’m going to be okay. Will everything be super easy? Most definitely not. Will I encounter things that make me uncomfortable? Absolutely! But moving forward with an open mind, a sense of adventure and a willingness to experience joy in others will make the journey totally worthwhile.

Thank you for reading this. Now get up and go talk to your academic adviser and repeat the following words, “Sign me up for Tanzania SST, right now!”


Adam is a 2005 GC graduate and currently works as a gift officer in the advancement office. In his spare time he enjoys carpentry and playing ultimate. Adam’s most useless superpower is an incredible sense of balance.