(Un)Helpful tips for first-years

So you’re new to Goshen College. Getting used to college life can be tricky. Because I’m a helpful senior, I have come up with a short list of tips for you to survive your time here at GC:

  1. We’re all late to class sometimes. It’s normal. If you’re running late, make sure to stop at Java beforehand. The coffee cup in your hand will trick your prof into thinking that it isn’t your fault you’re late — it’s Java’s
  2. Wear your lanyard around your neck at all times. This is helpful because it will allow you to easily get away with things. Stole something from the Rott? Oh, they’re wearing a lanyard, probably an accident. As a bonus: it will also help us locate you if you get lost. 
  3. Speaking of the Rott, it’s best if you push a bunch of the round tables together. This will build an impenetrable fortress, through which no upperclassmen can haze or approach you.
  4. Don’t alienate your first-year roommate. You are now best friends for life. Remember, this is a shared space. Don’t be afraid to share your dreams, your food, your germs and even your ICC homework. Remember: sharing is caring.
  5. Set off the fire alarm! Setting off the fire alarm is a fun way to have an impromptu little party with all your new friends. They’ll be so happy to see you, night or day! To set off the alarm, merely heat something in one of the connector microwaves — popcorn is a campus favorite.

I hope you wee frosh find these tips helpful as you embark on your journey here at Goshen College!

Written by Record

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