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Editor’s Note: As part of the Communications Research class, Peebles and Sauder presented their research on GC’s reaction to the employment community standards, or the “hiring policy,” at the Academic Research Symposium last Saturday. They explain the results of their research in this article.

The purpose of these studies is to gauge the perspectives of the current hiring policy at Goshen College. One survey was sent to faculty and staff, another separate survey was sent to students.

Faculty and staff

The study of faculty and staff perceptions was conducted through a Qualtrics survey sent via email to a sample of 173 staff, professional staff, teaching faculty and administrative faculty at Goshen College. From the 173 employees surveyed, 75 responded, a 43-percent
response rate.

When presented with the statement, “I believe Goshen College should revise the hiring policy to allow open LGBTQ individuals to be employed in a faculty/professional staff position,” 49-percent of respondents said they strongly agree; 20-percent said they agree; 12-percent said they neither agree nor disagree; 9-percent said they disagree; and 9-percent said they strongly disagree.

When presented with the statement, “I believe Goshen College should keep the current policy regarding the employment of LGBTQ individuals at Goshen College,” 12-percent of respondents said they strongly agree; 7-percent said they agree; 15-percent said they neither agree nor disagree; 21-percent said they disagree; and 45-percent said they strongly disagree.

When presented with the statement, “my religious beliefs influence my views on the hiring of LGBTQ individuals at Goshen College,” 37-percent of respondents said they strongly agree; 35-percent said they agree; 16-percent said they neither agree nor disagree; 7-percent said they disagree; and 5-percent said they strongly disagree.


The study of student perceptions was also conducted through a survey, sent to 141 students. We received 75 responses, a 53.2-precent response rate. The respondents, according to answers to demographic questions, were slightly more likely to be upperclassmen, Mennonite, female; they were highly likely to be domestic students who lived on campus and who are full-time students.

The results were that 70-percent of those surveyed were in favor of changing the hiring policy with regards to LGBTQ individuals, 19-percent opposed and 11-percent were undecided.

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    April 15, 2014

    Did you include God in your little survey? What was His response? Did He indicate any willingness to change His mind and go along with the consensus of the majority opinion? You know, to get along? Did He tell you how much He cares about being on the ‘in’ side of socially sensitive topics like this? Did He give you any clues as to when the next revision of His Word was coming out, and if there might be some language changes coming soon that might clarify things on divisive topics such as this?

    You know, it is hard to change public opinion, because there are so many of us. Wouldn’t your efforts be more effective if you just lobbied, or picketed, or marched, or wore purple shirts to peacefully change God’s mind on this topic? There is only one of Him, and He listens to everything that you say, and even to what is on your heart! Being a God of Truth He wouldn’t answer surveys from each of you with different answers (that would be deceitful).

    Now, I know that some of you may not trust that others of you heard God’s answers correctly. You’d probably like a written affidavit. I’m pretty sure we already have that (in the Bible). That’s why I’m wondering if you know when the next revision is coming out.

    It is so helpful to know what everybody thinks, so that we can apply the right amount of peer pressure to God…

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