Sketchy pizza at sketch house

Sketchy pizza at sketch house

By:Jess Sprunger

Photo by Jess Sprunger's iPhone Two pizzas. Eight eggs. Pure bliss.

House meals. You may have heard about them, eaten them, or even made them. Here at Sketch House, a beloved off-campus abode, we have created an ambitious six-night-a-week meal plan. It’s like the 80 block meal plan, only slightly more affordable and with a severe lack of French fries. With this kind of regularity, I know that every Friday evening I can anticipate a new look at the culinary arts provided by Henry Brenneman Radcliffe Stewart.

Henry’s recent meal ingredients included oil, eight pre-birds, and two freezer pizzas left over from a previous engagement (party – congrats, Emma and Phil).  Watermelon was provided by a housemate concerned with the well-being of others … that housemate was me.  As Henry’s diet consists mostly of eggs, it’s no surprise that they were a vital layer of his concoction.  The eggs were fried in the “dirty pan,” a well-seasoned skillet, always slightly oiled except after the occasional wash or grease fire.

After the separate ingredients were prepared, they were carefully placed one atop the other to form a dish worthy of NPR’s Sandwich Monday Blog.  Our comments were as follows:

John Miller: “Well, its food.”

Audrey Thill: [cough. cough.]

Renae Weaver: [smiles]

Jess Sprunger: “I would probably eat this again.”

Henry: “They finished it!”

Between the five of us, we did in fact eat the whole thing. I even had a second serving. If you are curious about the nutritional facts for this meal, remember that ignorance is bliss.

The verdict: If there’s one thing to take away from this experience, it’s what Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen taught us years ago: “Put it on the pizza!”

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