Inside/Outside Voices January 17, 2013

This is Josh Yoder calling, and I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed the marauding hordes of robins that have overtaken campus today. They’re in the treetops everywhere. And I also just wanted to alert Jared Miller that they’re not in fact, aliens. That’s all, goodbye.

–       Josh Yoder

Hey, this is Matthew Amstutz, and I just want to say that I plan to bike from Paraguay all the way back to Goshen College after May term. Put this in the Record or I will be very angry. Done.

–       Jared Miller

This is John Miller calling in to say that I’ve had enough of library computers logging me off while I go to the bathroom. Over and out.

–       John Miller

Hello, this is Jared Miller, and I’m getting ready for the new semester, and I’m really still in need of a lot of paper clips. So if any of you find some extras while you’re unpacking your room I’d really appreciate it if you turned them into me. Thanks. Have a good semester everyone.

–       Josh Yoder

Written by johnm68

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