Maple Leafs in Morocco: Austin Sprunger

Maple Leafs in Morocco: Austin Sprunger

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By the time this gets published I’ll be back in Goshen, expounding upon the wondrous comforts of the western toilet, shower and central heating. But despite how many things I miss about home, as my time in Morocco comes to a close, I can’t help thinking about all of the things I will miss when I leave. A few of these things are as follows:

-The food (and always being told to eat, even with food in hand and mouth)
-The chickens, turkeys, sheep, goats and donkeys hanging out all over town
-Seeing the Arabic script everywhere
-Living in old Medina
-The Souk (market)
-Being called Monsieur (makes me feel fancy)
-The super good tea
-Playing Rummy in the cafe
-Old men in djellabas crusin’ around on motos
-Sultana (a Turkish soap opera our mom watched religiously with Liz and I)
-Having four meals a day, every day, whether you want it or not, no matter what
-Hawaii (probably the best soda in the world)
-Moroccan architecture and tiling
-The call to prayer
-All of the fantastic moustaches (Moroccans really know how to grow ‘em)
-Fresh bread every day as the main utensil for eating
-The mountains
-Soccer everywhere (Everyone either likes Real Madrid or Barcelona and all the kids playing on the street want to be Christiano Ronaldo)
-Awful American movies and WWE on TV all the time (which I watch anyway)
-How easy it is to impress people with simple phrases
-And last, but definitely not least, our service dad, the Moroccan Cliff Huxtable

Austin Sprunger is a senior English major.

Written by Matthew Amstutz

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