Jim Miller reflection: Andy Ammons

When I think of Jim, I think of his tireless dedication to his students and the many long hours he put in working on pre-medicine and allied health field advising. He was also an innovative and enthusiastic researcher and was involved with Maple Scholar research over the summer for many years. You could tell that he loved his job, his students and his research, and I miss him in more ways than I can express through words. He was a mentor to me in many ways, and I remember him as the quiet, humble and well-spoken friend that he was. He is sorely missed by the biology department.

Andy Ammons is an assistant professor of biology.

Written by Becca Kraybill

Becca Kraybill is the fall Editor-in-Chief of The Record. She is a fourth-year English Writing major and enjoys waving to babies in the grocery store.

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