Inside/Outside Voices 9/27

“Hi, this is Molly Kraybill calling. Shout out to to best Record editor, B. Kraybz. I hope you put a “z” at the end of that. Also, E.M.U. That is all.” -Molly Kraybill

“I think more females need to call Inside-Outside Voices for issues of gender equality.” -Grant Miller

“First of all, Carlin loves me, but most importantly, Grant Miller is full of himself; he may think of himself as the playboy of the Midwest, or the pride and joy of Illinois, or any other nickname he subscribes to, but that’s not true. He is the worst.”
– Matthew Amstutz

“Hi, this is Matthew Amstutz, just in case I told you guys that Carlin Epp loves me I want you to know that, that is not true. No one should ever love me because I am the worst.”
– Allegedly Matthew Amstutz

“If you check out a book from the library, there’s a 70% chance that he [Matthew Amstutz] has touched it before, he shelves them, he checks them out, he does a lot of stuff with those books.”
– Daniel Barwick

“Hi, I was just thinking about freshman year and the senior art show, and it was really good, but I’m afraid that this year when Ben Adams has to take part in the show it’s just going to be hipster crap that I don’t really know or like. It’s just going to be something weird, I don’t know, like a table or some weird sculpture that really has no artistic value. That’s not just my opinion, that’s pretty much the consensus.”
-Matthew Amstutz

“Kenwood is now called Predator Palace, I repeat, Predator Palace is Kenwood.”
– Allegedly Jared Miller

Written by jonmh

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