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Why yes, it’s almost that time of year again. School has begun anew. First-years are awkwardly squawking about performing strange, what I assume to be strange, mating rituals; a harmonious tone fills the air of each home soccer game; and Bob Yoder, Campus Pastor (BYCP), has reminded us of his title.

But before we welcome in the new season, let us briefly dwell in the disillusion that summer is still here.

I myself had a wonderful adventure this summer, which began the instant classes were out and went until the time I had to woefully attend that first night class of the year. The latter half of my summer was spent in the warm, crystal waters of the Florida Keys for a marine biology internship and before that I was fortunate enough to pass my days at the heart-warming Reith Village of Merry Lea for agroecology (though Josh Yoder about drove me crazy with his chipper early morning glee). But I ask: Why does it all have to end?

Year after year, when our dear friend summer comes strolling in, I convince myself that he/she/it will be around forever, never wishing to depart. Low and behold, time and again I am filled with disappointment and resentment that summer has misled me, almost abusing my trust. He/she/it does such a good job of making me think that cold times will never come, that negative degree Goshen winters are not just around the corner, but are more like fairy tales of faraway dreams that I could never reach in a million years. But, as it turns out, my idea of a million years quickly materializes into just a few short months, and I’m left yet again forcing myself to make peace with the reality of seasonal changes. Good thing I came to Goshen and not EMU.

So I beg of you, enjoy your last remaining moments with the beloved summer before it departs. Wear those shorts; eat that ice cream; frolic. Guys, take your shirts off for gosh sakes (not trying to be exclusive here, girls, but I don’t want to get in trouble). Above all else, enjoy yourself in whatever way you see fit. Sadly enough, soon, being indoors will feel more comfortable than out.

Michael “ZehrBear with a sexy moustache” Zehr

Contributing Writer

Written by jonmh

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