An ode to Goshen

By Jon Hershberger

Funnies Editor

From first year to super senior I think we’d all agree
That Goshen’s a fine school, to earn a (somewhat) useful degree
We’ve got athletes, scholars, musicians; we even have much more:
This year’s the first, but now we’ve got iCore
Hipsters love the iPad, although it’s just a fad
It’s quite unfortunate that covers don’t come in plaid

The Profs are great, we learn a lot, each and every day
Though I wish we would include those who are openly gay
Class to class with no exception, they really do inspire
Rott’s got the Dew, We’ve got John Roth, a real, living MacGyver
But Goshen’s not about the classes, it’s really about the fun:
We eat pizza for breakfast and play out in the sun

Our athletes are the finest; they really make us proud
Although they never win, baseball draws a crowd
When soccer players take the field, our fans look so cheery
From the stands comes a cry, “Thank goodness for O’Leary!”
Some would say golf is boring, but I would disagree
It takes a lot of work, to soak up Vitamin D

Home away from home, my Goshen is to me
Cold, dreary and wet, as flat as flat can be
Yet, here is where I am and I like what is here
Nestled ‘twixt my fellow Leafs, I have naught to fear

Written by jonmh

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