Inside/Outside Voices 9/13

“Becca Kraybill is the best Record editor ever. If you guys don’t know that you should really find it out. I’m talking to Inside/Outside Voices. Other things I would like to say: she has the best job ever (background squeal), although she’s never put a Record out, they’re going to be awesome.”

– Grant Miller

“Hey, this is Daniel Barwick, and I just wanted to say: who let the dogs out?”

“Brian the lion! Raaawwwrrr!”

–Dan Barwick and friends

“This is Sara Klassen. I am learning ‘Cambodian,’ and I am a passionate learner about it.”

Sara Klassen

“Sometimes when I’m covered in blankets, I feel like doing a jig.”

A budding young poet

“Rikki Entrekin – I am mentioning his name. This is Derek Zook, and I’d like to say that the Fraker kinda [is not good] right now cause there’s no food.”

Allegedly Derek Zook

“Hey, did you hear about that man in Norway, who… tried to… err… he almost hit a moose then he swerved and instead hit a bear?”

Renae Weaver (probably made up)

Want to say something but don’t know who to say it to? Give Inside/Outside Voices a call at 547-538-4322!

Written by Becca Kraybill

Becca Kraybill is the fall Editor-in-Chief of The Record. She is a fourth-year English Writing major and enjoys waving to babies in the grocery store.

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