Inside/Outside Voices

“Hi, my name is James Green and I like to party.” -Mikey Ruth, pretending to be James Green

“Hi. This is Michael Ruth and I just wanna say that playing beanbags at Kenwood house rocks (background laughter). ” -Mikey Ruth, calling from Kenwood house

“My name is James Green and I like to partaaaaaaaaaaa (this goes on for a really long time)” -Haven Schrock

” Hi, this is Trisha and I just wanted to let you know our phone is broken. Thank you. (in a really high pitched voice)” -Mikey Ruth pretending to be Trisha

“Hi, this is the uhhh Indian Youth Club, and I’d like to donate 23 thousand dollars to the preforming arts series, to the music center, to the preforming arts series that is. And, uhh, yeah! I would just like to, uh, say that I really appreciate their work. And, uh, forever young.”

“Hi, yeah, this is Laura Schlabach and I just wanted to invite everyone to send roadkill to Mikey Ruth through campus mail. Yeah, that’s right Mikey, that’s what you get for making me come into printing and mailing to get a package that didn’t even exist! Way to break my heart and ruin my day. (muffled laughter)” -Laura Schlabach

Written by Laura Schlabach

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