CNN returns to Goshen

by Jennifer Speight

CNN returned to Goshen almost two years after their initial visit.

CNN made a visit to Goshen College to talk to first time Mennonite voters during the presidential campaign in April of 2008. While many students were shocked to learn of their presence in Goshen the first time, more might be surprised to discover that CNN returned to Goshen, a little more than a week ago.

Last Wednesday, Jan. 20, the film crew from CNN was filming at the South Side Soda Shop. CNN was present for lunch and made plans to return around dinner time. South Side Soda Shop advertised having dinner with CNN on their Facebook and Twitter pages, only to be disappointed when CNN never returned for dinner.

One of the Soda Shop’s owners, Charity Boyd, said that the production footage is about growing up in a small town, but also touches on the current and past economy of the city of Goshen.

CNN knew about the quaint diner located on the corner of Main and Franklin Street after it received attention from the popular Food Network show called “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” The show came to visit South Side Soda Shop in 2007.

CNN news reporter Kate Bolduan recalling having spent a lot of time at South Side Soda Shop when she was growing up. Bolduan is a Goshen native who went to school with Nick and Charity Boyd’s daughters.

As of now, the owners are unsure about when the story will air, or how much information it will have about the city of Goshen, especially since the crew was unable to return to South Side Soda Shop.

The Boyds, who just celebrated 24 years of owning and managing the South Side Soda Shop, will continue business as usual, with or without CNN.

Written by Brett Bridges

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