Aggregating the news cycle

Want a news source that’s not hegemonic and dominated by advertising?

Visit, a map that shows where discrete events (i.e., a riot, a rebellion, a bombing, etc.) are happening around the world. The map shows, in real time, changing patterns of news coming out of certain regions of the world.

The site was created by Jonathon Moyer, a friend from my home church in Pennsylvania.

According to Moyer, “It’s a helpful tool for understanding what is happening in the world. As opposed to the standard front page news source, which tends to be dominated with the current zeitgiest (be it entertainment, sport or war), BuzzChurn helps uncover international events at a country level that may have been overwhelmed by the kind of news coverage that is hegemonic.”

Visit the FAQs page for more description on how BuzzChurn works. Note that the site is in its “beta” stage.

Written by Sheldon Good

the big cheese.

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