GC continues carbon engagement

There’s been a lot of talk on campus about environmental stewardship.  Terms such as green movement, climate change, carbon neutral, etc. are commonplace in our political rhetoric these days.  It seems the current green zeitgeist is here to stay.  And that’s a good thing, because our Earth isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Hopefully.

We here at Goshen College continue to ask questions of what it means to be global citizens who live in such an inefficient country.  What power (no pun intended) do we have here at Goshen College to reimagine our carbon footprints?

This weekend a few Goshen College students and Paul Steury (from Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center) are attending Power Shift 2009, a conference that seeks to repower and reclaim our future.

One noteworthy attendee is Bill McKibben, the co-founder of 350.org.  He had an op-ed in the Washington Post today that foreshadows how members of Power Shift 2009 (including the GC ambassadors) will protest outside Capitol Hill tomorrow.  The New York Times lead story this morning also quoted McKibben.

Goshen College is fortunate to host McKibben for a lecture on March 11.

In this week’s March 5 issue of the Record, look for stories reflecting on the Power Shift 2009 conference and previewing the McKibben lecture.

Written by Sheldon Good

the big cheese.

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