Artist's Corner – Feb. 12

Andrea Kraybill, a sophomore art major from Elkhart, is this week’s featured artist, with her painting of a train on Plexiglas.

The assignment was part of John Blosser’s fall semester painting class where students were asked to paint a train theme with acrylics on a found object. With the help of the Physical Plant and a little dumpster diving, Kraybill decided to use a wooden window frame to support the Plexiglas frame.

“Originally, I painted a train on the front in a more representational manner,” Kraybill said. However, when she saw the back of the object, “I happily discovered the colors were much more vibrant.”

Using additional layers of paint and exploring a scratching method, Kraybill achieved a more abstract, textured piece than she originally intended. “It was fun to find freedom in painting in a new style and on an unusual surface,” Kraybill said.

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Written by Ben Noll

Senior Theater and Sociology double-major from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I am currently in my second semester working as Arts page editor for The Record. I enjoy reading, going to the movies, eating, watching Philadelphia and Penn State sports, and thinking about graduation. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, criticisms, or story ideas. All good art, including journalism, is about collaboration!

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