Obama's town hall meeting in Elkhart

The Record secured three press passes for President Obama’s town hall meeting on Monday in Elkhart.

Tyler Falk, news editor; Ben Noll, arts editor; and Sheldon Good, editor-in-chief, picked-up their press passes from the United States Secret Service in Concord High School’s McCuen Gym on Monday morning. The trio will post reflections on the gathering over the next few days.

For a complete review of the town hall meeting, see this article. from the Wall Street Journal. The trio of Record staff sat next to WSJ reporter Jonathan Weisman.

Obama flew into South Bend Regional Airport at 11 a.m., took a helicopter to Concord High School, addressed an audience of approximately 1,600 people at noon and immediately flew back to Washington. Obama’s first prime-time address to the nation is scheduled for Monday evening. He is then set to speak in Ft. Myers, Florida on Tuesday.

For reflections from students and faculty:

Perspectives article

Public relations compilation

Photos taken by Sheldon Good:

The “reserved traveling press” section where the Record journalists sat:


In the final question of the morning, Obama discusses how America’s education is a reflection of its schools and parents:


Elkhart Mayor Dick Moore discusses Obama’s visit to Elkhart on CNN’s American Morning show (click for related article):

Written by Sheldon Good

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